Alfie Ryner was born in 2006 when five musicians came together with a common goal; to experiment with new concepts of improvised music. The band quickly became a space in which many influences and ideas around the jazz idiom were fused together. The first demo was recorded and many performances followed throughout 2008. Alfie Ryner always sought to find a real identity without compromises and in 2009, the band began working with Les Productions du Vendredi to further their development. The first albums Memorial I and II were recorded in 2010 and 2012 at the Studio Condorcet in Toulouse after numerous concerts across France.


Between 2012 and 2015, the band appeared on many international stages as part of the European network Match&Fuse in Poland, U.K, and Norway. Their third album Brain Surgery and the Polish Match&Fuse festival have been the starting point of an extensive 17-gig tour in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland in June 2015.

The writing of their next album material (What’s Wrong? , recorded in spring 2016) started off with the adaptation of two Indonesian songs that especially touched them : a traditional funeral choir to be sung in front of the deceased one and a piece from Bali played during mortuary rituals.

The new album has been released in October 2016 and while Gérald Gimenez (guitar) is leaving the band for new projects, the 4-piece band will present the new material in several high points in Germany (Burg Herzberg Festival, Freakshow Festival, Jazzmeile Thüringen Festival) and the Netherlands (Bimhuis, State-X New Forms Festival, Rumor Festival, Incubate Festival).

Loris Pertoldi (drums)

Guillaume Gendre (doublebass)
Arthur Ower (sound guy)
Paco Serrano (saxs, machines, vocals)
Guillaume Pique (trombone, guitar, electronics)